What's new at Chicago Super Sitters?

New world, same Super Service

We’re so excited to have you back with us.

Chicago Super Sitters has taken this past year+ to update, re-evaluate, re-charge, and re-vamp! We’ve made some obvious changes regarding Covid exposure, vaccinations, and safety. But, we’ve also made important changes to our sitter hourly rates, our intake process, and our matching criteria.

There are lots of (AWESOME) changes still to come in the next bunch of months and we’ll let you know about them as they happen but for now, see how the current changes affect your current bookings and your future plans!


Let’s party.

What’s different and what changes are coming?

If this last year+ has taught us anything it’s that crazy shiz can change crazy quickly so we reserve the right to update this with new info at any time. Of course we’ll let you know if this happens.

Current Updates:

  1. Sitter Hourly Rates
  2. Vaccination Requirements
  3. Recurring Placement Specifications
  4. Both Parents/Guardians included in all CSSitters correspondence

1. Sitter hourly rates 

Base rate is going up $1 (starts at $17). Recurring Rates are now Base Rate + $2/hour (starts at $19).

Base Rate will go up $1 more in January 2022.

But why?

  • Because our Super Sitters are worth it.
  • Because Super Sitters have a specific skill set, background, training, and/or experience, and should be compensated accordingly
  • Because we are officially including the standard of more responsibility (child laundry, tidying living spaces, driving the family vehicle, etc.) for Recurring Placements
  • Because competitive rates attract more professional, talented, and experienced candidates to join the roster
  • Because raising rates raises expectations about performance

    And, because CSSitters was inadvertently perpetuating the issue of low rates paid to childcare workers and we’re choosing to do better going forward.

    Click here for all Pricing info.

2. Vaccination requirements

We will not guarantee fully vaccinated sitters/families until everyone can easily get the vaccine.

We will be requiring all sitters/families to be vaccinated in order to use the service eventually, but not yet. We know the kids aren’t vaccinated yet and we’re mindful of this – Super Sitters & Families are still completing exposure-info forms so we can gauge risk and Sitters/Parents may still wear masks in-home if requested.

We will require all users of the service to be fully vaccinated (two full weeks post final shot) when the vaccine has been readily available and accessible to everyone, and long enough to include their two week window. We’ll keep you posted on this.


3. Recurring placement specifications

We are officially including the standard of more responsibility for Recurring Placements

‘Standard’ includes:

  • Child laundry (for placements 20+ hours/week)
  • Playroom/kid-spaces clean-up/tidy
  • Dishwasher load/unload, counters wiped, general clean up post-meals
  • Helping/facilitating kid-chores that are in place (if applicable)
  • Kid meal prep/cleanup
Extra tasks should be specific to your home and family.  Please also know that these extra tasks are meant to help keep your house at YOUR normal state. Their job is to help keep things running smoothly, and help take some tasks off of your plate, but they are not to replace a housekeeper or home organizer.

4. Both parents/guardians will be included on correspondence

Unless otherwise requested, we will be sending questions and emails to both adults listed on your profile.

It’s probably not a surprise to you to know that most of our correspondence happens with moms. NOT ALL, we know that. Please don’t @ us about ‘not all dads’ – share that energy with the dads that need to hear it. 

Childcare is not a mom-issue, a mom-task, or a women’s-issue, and unless you tell us not to (or if there isn’t a second adult in the home), we’re going to send info to both parents. We want to continue to lighten the mental and emotional load of women and moms and we think this is an important first step.


Have any questions about these changes? Or about anything else? Get in touch at hello@chicagosupersitters.com

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