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We’re growing quickly. And we can’t wait to meet you.

Chicago Super Sitters took the 20/21/22 years to get a lot of shiz together to make the Super Experience even more Super. We’ve made some obvious changes regarding Covid exposure, vaccinations, and safety. But, we’ve also been making changes within the biz, both with technology AND taking bold stances and making sure we are extra clear on our values and policies. Our admin team has also grown! This is all good news.

There are more changes still to still to come in the next bunch of months and we’ll let you know about them as they happen but for now, we’re so happy to be back in the game and welcoming new families and LOTS of new sitters.


Let’s do it.

What’s different and what changes are coming?

If this last year+ has taught us anything it’s that crazy shiz can change crazy quickly so we reserve the right to update this with new info at any time. Of course we’ll let you know if this happens.

Current Updates:

  1. After School Super Sitters
  2. Realistic Expectations
  3. Why an agency?
  4. Recurring Placement info

1. After School Sitters (3-ish-6-ish, weekdays)

We are on a waiting list – again, still. 

This was a notoriously a tough schedule to fill pre-Covid and it’s still a doozy now. We know this is a very tough time of day for you and that after school programs aren’t totally cutting it anymore and that you depend on places like CSSitters to fill in — trust us, we’re trying. We are always brainstorming a solution for this and if you have any ideas, we’re all ears.

The school schedule was not designed for two working parents or a one-parent household, and this is another thing that pushes a parent (usually a mom) out of the workforce. Tori has all kinds of soap-box rants about this, but for now we’ll leave it at ‘we’re working on it’.

2. Realistic expectations

The Covid years have blown some childcare expectations WAYYYYYY out of reality.

We love our families and will always try to make big magic happen. But – please be realistic about your expectations. We always encourage you to ask for what you want out of a placement but please really think about what you are asking for, and realize that sometimes extra requirements or extreme specifics, cost extra. Requesting a sitter do housework, costs extra. Requesting a sitter watch extra kids, costs extra. Requesting a trilingual, pediatrics PhD, with a background in ECE, with their own minivan, that is willing to cook 3 different dinners, and iron your pillowcases, costs extra. 

We have base rates, but if you are asking for more, offer more. 

3. Why work with an agency?

Because we do the hard work for you – for both sitters and families.

Learn more about the specifics HERE.

Also, there has been an increase in families trying to poach our SuperSitters lately and I gotta say — it’s pretty tacky. What’s goin’ out there? Our sitters tell us when this happens (yep, most really do) because they love working for our agency (for reasons you can see here) and they don’t want to jeopardize their standing with us. Please don’t put them in that position, and please don’t make us call you out on it. You could lose the option of booking any Super Sitters and we just don’t want to have to do that to you (because searching for your own childcare is really hard – that’s why you’re here, right?). Be cool, yo. Be cool.


4. Recurring placementS – Seasons & specifications

A CSSitters Recurring Placement is defined as: a consistent (same day, time, and sitter), on-going schedule, lasting 4 weeks or more. Placements that do not meet these criteria will be billed for one-time days, or another modified package as suggested by the agency.

CSSitters works in three ‘seasons’ of the year for our recurring placements: Jan-June, July/Aug, and Sept-Dec.

This doesn’t mean that the sitter will definitely change at these times, but it means we check with everyone at these points of the year to be sure the ongoing schedule can work. If your request lasts indefinitely, we will prioritize any sitter that can give a long-term commitment.


Have any questions about these changes? Or about anything else? Get in touch at hello@chicagosupersitters.com

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