What's new at Chicago Super Sitters?

New world, same Super Service

We’re back. And ready to party.

Chicago Super Sitters has taken this past year+ to get a lot of shiz together to make the Super Experience even more Super. We’ve made some obvious changes regarding Covid exposure, vaccinations, and safety. But, we’ve also been making changes within the biz, both with technology AND taking bold stances and making sure we are extra clear on our values. This is all good news.

There are more changes still to still to come in the next bunch of months and we’ll let you know about them as they happen but for now, we’re happy to be back in the game to make your summer even more rad.


Let’s do it.

What’s different and what changes are coming?

If this last year+ has taught us anything it’s that crazy shiz can change crazy quickly so we reserve the right to update this with new info at any time. Of course we’ll let you know if this happens.

Current Updates:

  1. We’re back, and couldn’t be happier. 
  2. Vaccination updates
  3. New sitter hourly rates
  4. Why an agency?
  5. Recurring Placement info
  6. Both Parents/Guardians included in all CSSitters correspondence

1. We’re open to new families again, finally

And we’re thrilled about it.

We have hired 75+ sitters since the end of last year (with more on the way!), we have completed the first round of a major technology overhaul, we new systems in place, and we are ready to rock and roll. Thank you for your patience.

2. Vaccination requirements

Our sitter roster is 100% vaccinated (and most are boosted!)

We know the really littles are still not vaccinated and we are taking this seriously. We also know that Covid is still here and though the mask mandate has been lifted, we are suggesting that all adults start out with masks in the home (kids too if appropriate) to keep things as comfortable as possible for everyone.

We will be continuing to ask all families and sitters to complete an exposure form before any placement confirmation. 

3. Higher sitter rates (as of Feb 2022)

Our sitters are more than worth it.

Learn more about the specifics HERE.

This is a whooolllle Tori-shaking-fists-in-the-air soapbox topic but we’ll save you the rant for now and say: the childcare market changed a LOT in 2020-2021 — most importantly people realizing that YES, childcare is essential. REALLY essential.

Simply put: our hourly rates were too low for the quality of Super Sitters we provide. If we wanted to continue to recruit and work with the best, and if we wanted to compete in this new childcare market, we needed higher hourly rates. We knew/know our Super Sitters are worth it; they always have been – we were just part of the problem in perpetuating rates being too low for childcare workers in general. So, we decided to be better and fix them. In most cases this means a $15-$20 increase per full day with your sitter. Remember, they are working with your kids, and your pets, in your house. #worthit. Also remember, 100% of the sitter hourly goes to the Super Sitter. 

Updated to add: Since upping our rates in February, we have seen a 400% increase in sitter application submissions. REALLY awesome applications. We still only accept the best, but the best now are more plentiful as we pay them what they are worth.

4. Why work with an agency?

Because we do the hard work for you – for both sitters and families.

Learn more about the specifics HERE.

Also, there has been an increase in families trying to poach our SuperSitters lately and I gotta say — it’s pretty tacky. What’s goin’ out there? Our sitters tell us when this happens (yep, most really do) because they love working for our agency (for reasons you can see here) and they don’t want to jeopardize their standing with us. Please don’t put them in that position, and please don’t make us call you out on it. You could lose the option of booking any Super Sitters and we just don’t want to have to do that to you (because searching for your own childcare is really hard – that’s why you’re here, right?). Be cool, yo. Be cool.


5. Recurring placementS – Seasons & specifications

A CSSitters Recurring Placement is defined as: a consistent (same day, time, and sitter), on-going schedule, lasting 4 weeks or more. Placements that do not meet these criteria will be billed for one-time days, or another modified package as suggested by the agency.

CSSitters works in three ‘seasons’ of the year for our recurring placements: Jan-June, July/Aug, and Sept-Dec.

This doesn’t mean that the sitter will definitely change at these times, but it means we check with everyone at these points of the year to be sure the ongoing schedule can work. If your request lasts indefinitely, we will prioritize any sitter that can give a long-term commitment.

6. Both parents/guardians will be included on correspondence

Unless otherwise requested, we will be sending questions and emails to both adults listed on your profile.

It’s probably not a surprise to you to know that most of our correspondence happens with moms. NOT ALL, we know that. Please don’t @ us about ‘not all dads’ – share that energy with the dads that need to hear it.

Childcare is not a mom-issue, a mom-task, or a women’s-issue, and unless you tell us not to (or if there isn’t a second adult in the home), we’re going to send info to both parents. We want to continue to lighten the mental and emotional load of women and moms and we think this is an important first step.

Have any questions about these changes? Or about anything else? Get in touch at hello@chicagosupersitters.com

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