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New world, same Super Service

We’re growing quickly. And we’re so happy to have you along for the ride.

Chicago Super Sitters took the 20/21/22 years to get a lot of shiz together to make the Super Experience even more Super. We’ve made some obvious changes regarding Covid exposure, vaccinations, and safety. But, we’ve also been making changes within the biz, both with technology AND taking bold stances and making sure we are extra clear on our values and policies. This is all good news.


Let’s Party.

 What’s different and what changes are coming?

If this last few years have taught us anything it’s that crazy shiz can change crazy quickly so we reserve the right to update this with new info at any time. Of course we’ll let you know if this happens.

Current Updates:

  1. After School Sitters – Fall ’23
  2. We have a PODCAST!
  3. Events, Weddings, Hotels, & more
  4. Recurring Placement Specs

1. After School Sitters – waiting list!

After school sitters (~2/3pm-6pm-ish) have always been the most difficult placements for us to fill, and even more-so after Covid. We are sorry to say that this year is no different (and we have a podcast episode about it!). We have pre-gathered a (short) list of sitters that are available for this type/time of placement, BUT there are MANY other factors (outside of schedule) that make these placements harder to cover:

  • Driving with kids (your car or their own)
  • Sitter maybe needing their own car
  • Needing to meet the CSS 3hour/day minimum
  • Changing hours week to week (flexibility needed with changing schedules)
  • Comfort with meal prep, other household chores, etc. (often expected in an AS placement)

We encourage you to still place a request for after school care via your family portal and we will let you know right away if we have someone to cover for you! We also (unfortunately) also have to encourage you to do a search on your own to maximize chance for coverage (and then you can use www.SuperScreeners.com to check references and run the background check!)

2. WE have a podcast – Childcare, WTF?

Childcare, WTF is a podcast breaking down all the BS surrounding the childcare world, with none of the mom-group-parent shaming. It’s real, funny, supportive, helpful conversations, with a lot of swear words thrown in (the F is only for title – we use the real word in convo so don’t listen WITH the kids!).

Hosted by our own Super Tori (long-time owner of Chicago Super Sitters!) and Eric Burgher, a new-ish dad who is navigating parenthood and childcare in real time.

Being a Favorite family: WTF?
Sitter, Nanny or Daycare: WTF? 
WFH with a sitter/nanny there too: WTF?

It is NOT a ‘HOW to be a parent’ podcast (who the hell are we to say what’s best for your fam?) We will not be bringing in any “parenting experts” or snooty anybodys that will make you feel badly about yourself as a parent (WTF is up with these people?).

BUT, we will make a small part of parenting easier by sharing helpful childcare info, inside-the-agency-scoops, ridiculous stories, and lot of real, actionable tips (actually helpful ones).

Listen on Spotify, Apple, Audible/Amazon, or here!


3. our sitters do more than just in-home care!!

If there are kids that need care outside a home setting, we make that happen too! 

  • Super Weddings – multiple packages for whatever childcare scenario is needed (and whatever budget!)
  • Super Events  group childcare support for corporate events, meetings, high holidays, family reunions, or any 
  • Super Partners – Childcare support & solutions for businesses & non-family needs


4. Recurring placementS – Seasons & specifications

A CSSitters Recurring Placement is defined as: a consistent (same day, time, and sitter), on-going schedule, lasting 4 weeks or more. Placements that do not meet these criteria will be billed for one-time days, or another modified package as suggested by the agency.

CSSitters works in three ‘seasons’ of the year for our recurring placements: Jan-June, July/Aug, and Sept-Dec.

This doesn’t mean that the sitter will definitely change at these times, but it means we check with everyone at these points of the year to be sure the ongoing schedule can work. If your request lasts indefinitely, we will prioritize any sitter that can give a long-term commitment.

Have any questions about these changes? Or about anything else? Get in touch at hello@chicagosupersitters.com

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