Group Sitting (on-site, & at the party)

Package 5

Wedding Package 5 is for group babysitting ON-SITE (at the wedding). This is the perfect option for those that are excited to involve the kids in the wedding and the party!

PACKAGE 5 – Group Sitting – On site

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: You want kids at your wedding, eating cake, and dancing with the adults.  AND – you want some non-partying adults looking after them, ensuring they are safe and happy, and letting your guests party with you.

HOW IT WORKS: You provide a kid-friendly spot at the venue, and we provide the sitters! We’ll give you a link to share with your guests so they can register their kids, and we’ll handle check-in and check out.  We’ll ensure they’re dance-floor and picture-ready, that bathroom breaks are covered, and their parents (ie. your friends & family) can enjoy the party as well.


  • You get to have kids at your wedding
  • Your guests can still enjoy the wedding with you knowing the kids are supervised
  • You get to see some of your favorite kids dancing together

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