Let’s talk individual babysitting options.

These options are a perfect way to offer childcare to your guests, without incurring all (or any!) of the cost.

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Package 1 - They Book & They Pay

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: You’re having a child-free wedding and want to provide your guests with a safe, stress-free childcare option.

HOW IT WORKS: We’ll provide you a blurb for your wedding website or invitation about what we do, and how to move forward with the booking. Once you get them in touch with us, we’ll take it from there.  We’ll do an intake call with each family, ensure we match the best sitter for them, and all payment will be from the family.

PERKS: Each family is responsible for their own family reservations, and pays sitters directly!


Package 2 - They Book & You Pay

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: You’re having a child-free wedding and want to provide your guests as the same safe & stress-free option as P1, but you want to help with the cost.

HOW IT WORKS: We’ll provide the same blurb and placement matching for individual placements as with P1, but you can elect to pay for some of it.  The most common option we see here is the soon-to-be-weds pay for the placement fees, while the families pay for the sitter fees & any tips.

PERKS: Each family books their own family sitter, and pays sitters directly. 


Still Not Sure Which Option is For You?