Super Weddings FAQs

Chicago Super Sitters offers lots of different options when it comes to Wedding Childcare.  Below are the most frequently asked questions we get. Know that because each event is unique, instructions may vary depending on the event need.  You can count on us to send you all the information you need specific to the wedding you’re attending, should any information be different.  

Who are we? What is Super Weddings?

Super Weddings is the wedding division of Chicago Super Sitters – a babysitting placement service that maintains a roster of interviewed, background checked, and fully vetted sitters.

Who are the sitters?

Our Super Sitter roster is very diverse in every way, and it’s one of the best things about us! We have artists, nurses, empty-nesters, accountants, musicians, and everything in between! All sitters have been interviewed multiple times, are background checked, and fully vetted. We meet them all, and they go through additional training to be qualified to work for Super Weddings.

How does this whole thing work?

This depends on what package has been chosen! 
If you are getting a sitter to your room, or to hang with you for the day, we will collect info about your child(ren) directly and then send you sitter details.

If your kids are attending the wedding with you/their parents, Parents/Adults register their child(ren) using the specific link provided. After that, SW takes care of the rest! We collect information, we send all relevant details to families prior to the wedding, and we make sure our Wedding Sitters Team has all the info they need to run a successful event!

When do I have to have my kid registered?

If you are part of a wedding that requires a registration link (group sitting at or off-site of the event) registration is due 6 weeks before the wedding. We will close the registration form at this time, so that we can make sure we have an accurate count to ensure safety for all kids at the event.

How do you determine your ratios?

Sitter ratios are dependent on the number of children, the # of different ages of children, specific needs of children, or any factors CSS deems to be important. Each scenario has its own factors to be evaluated, such as movement throughout the venue, childcare within the ceremony and/or cocktail hour, and any other need that may arise that pulls sitters in different directions. We factor in bathroom breaks and diaper changes, as well as any elevated difficulty of watching children in a room or rooms filled with other people and breakables. Safety is our number one priority and our ratios reflect that!

Will I be able to contact the sitter during the event?

If you have a sitter in your room or with you for the day, you will have their contact info before go-time and will be able to stay in touch directly.

For group sitting (on or off-site), when you drop your child off, you will be given the Lead Sitter’s contact phone number to stay in touch with them as needed. If your kiddo had a rough time with you leaving the room at drop off, we ask that your first mode of checking in is to text the sitter instead of coming into the room and going out again. We assure you that if the kids need your help or the sitters have a question, they will definitely reach out to you.

What will the kids do? Will there be stuff for them to do?

Based on the type of childcare your wedding has booked, age-appropriate toys and games will be provided by Chicago Super Sitters. For example, board games, coloring books, play-dough, etc. Our sitters are also well-versed in the world of play time, and will ensure your kids stay busy!

What about movies or screen time? Is it allowed? Will they be watching stuff?

It depends on the location and event! Sometimes we’ll use movies for calm down time for late night events, but it’s not our go-to! If a movie is shown, it will be of the rating approved for the youngest kid in the group. Note: If you choose to send your child with an electronic device, CSS assumes no responsibility for that device while in our care. We’ll allow your child to use the device, but we cannot be responsible for taking care of the device, as our job is to take care of the kids.

What should I send?

Please send your child(ren) with anything they may need during their time with their Super Sitter(s), especially if it’s going to be a late night – jammies, extra clothes just in case, diaper bag, special blankies, etc. For the older kids, books, comfy clothes, etc. Our sitters will make sure all that comes in with them, also goes out with them. We will offer name tag stickers for their stuff, but welcome you to name-tag ‘em too if you can!

What about food?

Super Sitters does not provide snacks or food. Ask the to-be weds about the food plan to be sure your kids’ needs are met. If they’re not providing what your kid needs, please bring it with you (no nut products!).

What if they get tired?

If it is a late night event, we will have had this conversation with the to-be-weds. It’s our goal to have a comfy, cozy option when everyone starts to get sleepy. Ask your to-be-weds if you have any questions about their event plan for sleepy kiddos.

What if my kid wants to leave?

No child is allowed to leave the childcare space without one of the registered adult contacts signing them out, no matter how old the child is.

Can I take my kid out and bring them back?

No, please don’t. This disrupts the other children, makes everyone else’s job harder, and we ask that you just not do it.

What happens if I drop off a kid that I didn’t register?

This will not be a very nice wedding gift! You’ll be required to register them on site, sign the waiver, and it will cause the to-be-weds to incur some hefty fees! Unexpected kids also affect the sitter: kid ratio and impacts our ability to best care for all kids in our care during the event.

What happens if I get drunk?

Weddings with open bars can be fun, and so are nights without kids! We want you to enjoy yourself, and know your kid will be handed back to you in whatever state you are in when you come to get them. If you anticipate wanting to rage, we highly encourage you to book an individual placement for your kid at your home or hotel instead of this group offering. You can go wild, knowing kiddos are home and safe.

What if I want to go to the after party?

The contracted event will start and end at a specific time. If you fail to pick up your kids on time, the to-be-weds (by now newlyweds!) will incur hefty late pickup fees. You can avoid this by registering here and booking an individual placement for childcare you need outside the event time frame.

What do you need from me?

Please share any important child-related information with the Super Sitters to help ensure the best night for the child, the Super Sitters, and the other children attending. We will talk to you at checkin and confirm the info we have, but if there is ANYthing that will help this be a fun and smooth night for the kids and sitters (the potty dance, tantrum triggers, favorite songs, etc.) please let us know when you check in. In general, more info is better than less, and we welcome the details.

Can I tip sitters?

Tipping is OK! Any gratuity to on-site sitters is separate and welcomed. 100% of any gratuity goes directly to the sitters on site.

When will I know what’s going on for my specific wedding?

Super Weddings will send specific details to you the week of the event. Reach out to your to-be-weds if you have any other questions before then.

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