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Kids at the wedding: things to consider

#1 – Budget.  Let’s be real about cost right away. Weddings aren’t cheap, and neither is childcare.
Getting ahead of the kids-at-the-wedding-convo allows you to have an answer ready when people ask, that you already know you can afford.

#2 – This is YOUR day!  You get to pick who attends the wedding – if this means kids, great! If not, that’s okay too. This is not about what your mother wants, this is not about what your bridesmaids want.. this is about what you want! People can get pushy about their kids at weddings. Having a solution in place early will avoid you being pushed into something that you don’t want. Trust us on this one. 

#3 – Kids’ ages and the schedule.  Kids can be really fun at a wedding: dancing, adorable, silly, and hilarious. BUT remember that kiddos (esp. under 5) will definitely get tired and crash, especially if they have had a big day full of sugar and treats (read: can get loud or cranky). Think about how you want to this to go.

#4 – Time with your guests. Will they be pulled away by parental duties? Spending the day (and getting undivided attention) with those you love is important. If this includes kids, great! If not, that’s okay too.

#5 – Attention and Focus.  Few things can steal focus like a toddler in a tuxedo or a flower girl on the dance floor. We all love a kid that can bust a move, but if you prefer the focus be on you and your partner, it’s okay to say so (we won’t tell). For real, we can help here.

SO – What do YOU want? See #2 again.

So, you’ve considered cost but are still not totally sure what solution you need?

NO problem.

Below are common responses and scenarios that we hear A LOT when talking weddings with planners and to-be-weds. Click through the statements and see which ones apply to your situation.

There are suggested packages in each question/answer to give you some direction.

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I LOVE KIDS! (But not at my wedding)

We’ve got options for you!  If you simply want to provide a direction for your guests, and want them to pay for it, our Package 1 – “They Book, They Pay” may be just the fit!  Learn more here.

I don't love kids! So - DEFINITELY not at my wedding!

Our individual babysitting options may be a fit here as well.  If you’re looking to put kids together in a group setting, though, check out our group options, here.

I want the kids on the dance floor, eating cake, and having fun!

We can make this vision a reality!  Want kids partying it up, while having some non-partying adults keeping them safe?  Check out our On Site Option.

My nieces & nephews are in the wedding party, but no other kids are allowed!

That’s great!  We love some cute kids in formal wear.  If you’ll only have a couple of kids involved and want some help for the parents while they’re getting ready, Package 2, the “Day-Of Babysitter” might be the perfect fit for you. Learn more here.

My bridesmaids have babies, and need to be nearby, but I want them to have help!

We agree!  Give the mamas a break!  We can have sitters watch the babes in a group setting, on site (P4), so parents can check in if needed or if baby needs to eat.

My sister/brother/friend thinks their kid is the exception and I don't know what to say.

We get it.  Everyone thinks their kid is the best. We’re happy to give you language to help with this conversation, as well as a blurb about us and what we do to make them feel safe leaving their kid(s) with our sitters.  Invidual babysitting is likely the best option here; be sure to book an optional call with us to help with this convo!

My friend just had a baby and wants to bring it "because she's young and cute and will be quiet" (no, she won't!)

We can help here, too.  If it’s just the one kid, individual sitting is best.  Be sure to book an optional call with us if you’d like to chat through having this conversation with your friend.

We don't have the $ for big childcare, but we want to offer SOMETHING. What can we do?

Yep, we get it.  Weddings are EXPENSIVE.  If you want to offer a reliable, safe, and reputable option for your guests, but not cover the cost, check out our individual sitting options. If you want to consider covering it, we have options where the kiddos can have a fun night together in a group setting.

We have our own kids! But - we still don't want them there the whole time.

Completely understandable!  We can help you have the perfect day with your kids, and your perfect night without them. If it’s just your kiddos you’re looking out for, our individual sitting option is for you.

A bunch of family is coming from out of town and they want the cousins to all hang out together, offsite.

Yes!  We love a good cousin hangout.  We can set your fam up for success with a group sitting option. 

Many of our guests are from out of town, and making this trip a family vacation. We'd love the wedding to be kid-free, though...what do we tell them?

We have a few options here!  If you’d like to provide a childcare option for your guests, without paying for it, check out our individual sitting options.  If you’d like to offer your guests a paid option, our group sitting packages are for you.

We want our friends to party with us! We don't want them to have to leave early for their kids.

We love how realistic this is.  We can support your friends through our individual sitting options.  They can leave their kiddos with the sitter back at the hotel, and come party with you.

Everyone is staying at the same location where the wedding will be held, but we don't want kids at the reception.

This is a great option for our group sitting packages!  We can provide sitters to watch all the kids together, either in one person’s hotel room or in a separate conference room, depending on what you’d like to provide. Check out the options here.

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