Bouquets, Brides, Bands, and Babies.

We Can Help with One of Those.


We’ll watch the kids, you have a great worry-free day

So you are having a Chicago wedding and looking at babysitting options! Having a child-free wedding and want to provide solutions for out of town guests? Inviting kids to the wedding but want to keep them occupied during the party? Not sure what to do with the kids and looking at your options? No problem! We’ve got you covered. 

Please complete this form and let us know some specifics so we can help you come up with the best solution for your big day. For policies and FAQs see the How it Works page.


What makes us Super?

  • No profiles to search.
  • No endless interviews.
  • No reference calls.
  • No phone tag.
  • We do all the work for you!

Package One

Individual Family Placements

We will provide you a small write-up for your wedding website/invitation of what we do, how to move forward with the booking, and why we are a safe and fun solution to the child-free wedding rule. Once you get them in touch with us, we’ll take it from there!

Package 1A:

Payment from family only (no cost to brides/grooms)

Package 1B:

Brides/Grooms pay the placement fees ($75/family) and family pays the sitter directly (discounts available for 5+ bookings).

Package Two

Wedding Sitter OFF-Site

You provide the space/room away from the reception and we send a sitter to care for the kids! You pass along the info to your guests and we take it from there. We do all the work.


  • First Super Sitter: $350*
  • Each additional Sitter: $250*


  • ONE sitter for up to 5 kids (<24mos = TWO kids)
  • Up to 5 hours (additional hours $25/hour)
  • Includes our CSS activity bag — coloring books, games, small toys, activities (age appropriate)
  • *50% deposit is due 3 months prior to wedding date.
  • Prices subject to seasonal change 

Package Three

Wedding Sitter ON-Site

You make sure there is a kid-friendly space available at the reception, and we send sitters to care for the kids AT the wedding. We organize the details, and make sure everyone is occupied while the grown-ups party.


  • Two Super Sitters (minimum): $850*
  • Each additional sitter : $300*


  • TWO sitters for up to 10 kids (<24mos =TWO kids)
  • Up to 5 hours (extra hours $30/sitter/hour)
  • Includes our CSS activity bag — coloring books, games, small toys, activities (age appropriate).
  • *50% deposit is due 3 months prior to wedding date. | For parties with 20+ kids, additional fees apply
  • Prices subject to seasonal change