Virtual Babysitters? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Not anymore!

Virtual Super Sits by Chicago Super Sitters, (or VSSits) are 30 or 60-minute virtual sessions (on-screen) with one of our fun, engaging, and pre-screened Super Sitters. 

You can pick a Super Sitter by description OR pick by schedule.

We arrange it, we confirm it, and we send you details with a link when its go-time!

Finally, screen time you can feel really good about. 

Why book a virtual sit?

To keep kids engaged AND entertained with new activities.

So you can get small chunks of time covered when you have important other things to handle.

To expose the kids to new faces.

So the kids can have some one-on-one time to talk about, or do whatever they want to do.

To bring some fresh, silly, creative, and new energy to your kids’ online time.

To get a damn break and let someone else entertain the kids for a little while.

how does it work?

You visit the Booking Page and select a specific sitter OR a specific time, pay the fee, we send a confirmation at booking, and then send a meeting link 15 mins before the sit.

You and your sitter will receive a unique (private) and secure one-time meeting link so you can join a ‘room’ together. No app to download, no clunky settings for kids to handle – we have made it easy peasy. 

You get kiddo set up with the screen, click the link, and it’s go-time!

Heads up to our current CSSitters families: This is a different booking platform and process than our standard requests.




These Virtual Sits are NOT in place of regular babysitting supervision.

Though engagement is the name of the game, your Virtual Sitter will NOT be able to keep your kiddo physically contained or keep them from wandering out of the screen during these sits.

We recommend a parent or other grownup is near-ish by, as needed, depending on your kiddo’s age.

These Virtual Sits are meant to be fun, engaging, creative, and entertaining for the kids, and to be helpful for the grownups.

If there is anything your Virtual Sitter should know prior to the sit, please remember to include extra notes on your form.

All the money business:

Rates are discounted for the launch, and will only be offered for a limited time!

30 minutes: $29 $22
60 minutes: $35 $27
Cost includes booking fee and sitter payment. This fee is charged when request is submitted.

There will be no refunds or booking exchanges. Please be sure of your schedule prior to booking.

CSSitters clients that hold SuperCard credits can complete this form to use credits for your VSSits bookings. 
Please know it will take up to 24 hours for credits to be applied to VSSits accounts. This is only available to clients that already hold SuperCard credits – we are not issuing new SuperCards at this time.

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