Save 20% on ALL Booking Fees

In a Hurry? Way Ahead of Schedule? Either Way, Saving 20% Feels Great.

Make your life easier (and cheaper) with a SuperCard

A CSSitters SuperCard is an easy way to prepay your Placement Fees and make booking a lot faster. SuperCards are $200 for 10 credits, which saves you 20%, no matter how far in advance you need to book your sitter. But, just like with placement fees, you still need to pay your Super Sitter directly!

How it works

Based on the amount of notice you give CSSitters before a sitter request, you’ll use one, two, or three credits. We keep track of how many credits you have, so if you have questions about your balance, email

$200 = 10 Credits

  • 3+ Days Notice of request = 1 Credit
  • < 48 hours notice of request = 2 Credits
  • < 24hrs Notice of request = 3 Credits


Buy a SuperCard

Email us at to tell us you’re ready to purchase a SuperCard for yourself or as a gift!



  • SuperCards are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • SuperCards expire one year from first use (this is no longer a thing for cards purchased AFTER April 2019, because COVID makes expiration dates moot, or moo) so if you have one on file that you’re worried is expired, not to worry.
  • Sitter hourly rate is separate and due to the sitter at the end of each placement.
  • All Sitter assignments arranged by CSSitters will bill a minimum of 3 hours for each engagement.

Pay your Placement Fees at a 20% discount