Save 20% on ALL Booking Fees

In a Hurry? Way Ahead of Schedule? Either Way, Saving $$ Feels Great

Make your life easier (and cheaper) with a SuperCard

A CSSitters SuperCard is an easy way to prepay your Placement Fees and make booking a lot faster. SuperCards are $200 for 10 credits, which saves you at least 20% with each booking. But, just like with one-time placement fees, you still need to pay your Super Sitter directly!

How it works

Based on the amount of notice you give CSSitters before a sitter request, you’ll use 1-4 credits. We keep track of how many credits you have, so if you have questions about your balance, email

$200 = 10 Credits

  • 14+ days – 1 SC credit
  • 7-13 days – 1 SC credit
  • 3-6 days – 2 SC credits
  • <48hrs – 3 SC credits
  • <24hrs – 4 SC credits


Buy a SuperCard

Email us at to tell us you’re ready to purchase a SuperCard for yourself or as a gift!



  • SuperCards are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • SuperCards can not be used for Recurring Placement days
  • Sitter hourly rate is separate and due to the sitter at the end of each placement.
  • All Sitter assignments arranged by CSSitters will bill a minimum of 3 hours for each engagement
  • Read all Super Sitter Agency Policies HERE.

Pay your Placement Fees at a 20% discount