Every industry can use childcare support.

Even yours. Yes, really.

A lot of people need (reliable, experienced) childcare.

We’ve made the search easier. now for businesses.

Chicago Super Sitters has been operating in Chicago for more than a decade and have supported sitter-matches for many different kinds of placements: in-home (obviously), hotels, home-rentals, conferences, vacations, weddings, schools & daycares, and the list goes on.

We know that most people want to support access to childcare but don’t know where to look. OR people need access to childcare in an ‘unconventional way’ and don’t know where to look.

WEll Look here. You found us.


“We are on a mission to make childcare more easily accessible to as many people as we can. Partnering with businesses to help them connect their clients, guests, employees, connections, or even their own business, with childcare support, furthers this mission.”


General Super Partner Perks

Businesses are different, needs are different, structure is different… we know it’s not one size fits all.
Each industry partnership looks different, but all Super Partners receive the following:

  • Direct access to CSSitters staff
  • Priority scheduling
  • Industry specific services and solutions
  • Access to 150+ fully vetted childcare providers
  • Knowledge that you are participating in our mission of making childcare more easily accessible to everyone

Read below to see which category would fit best for you and follow the link provided.

Hotel Partners

We have been placing Super Sitters in hotels for more than a decade already, and we thought it was time to go to the source, the people that make our tourism-world go round:  our concierge and guest services staff members!

Hotel Super Partner Perks:

  • Direct access to our staff to get your guests priority intake call scheduling, even if the staff calendars are full.
  • Listing on our ‘Super Approved’ partner page — used by families to help pick their best kid-friendly options
  • Extra info collect with the CSSitters team to capture the amentities and details of your hotel so our sitters are EXTRA prepared to provide the best care
  • Being able to support guests needing babysitters on-site, but not have to deal with the details yourself!


School/Daycare Partners

Our Super Sitter roster is full of 150+ sitters that have already been screened for their childcare abilities, professionalism, and interest in working with kids.  School Super Partners can request these sitters as support staff to help keep ratio when teachers are sick, to give their FT staff more frequent/consistent breaks, and to help prevent burnout in short-staffed situations.

School/Daycare Super Partner Perks:

  • Specialized school-specific request form with access to include notes, room specifics, and day-of duties/expectations
  • An initial intake call with the CSSitters team to capture the expectations, values, and details of your school, so our sitters are fully prepared to jump right in
  • Options for per-day or per-month booking charges, depending on the needs/structure of your school
  • Payment to Sitters goes directly from you to them so payment is easy and done with your standard system!
  • Listing on our ‘Super Approved’ partner page — used by families when looking for trusted referrals!

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Restaurant Partners

We love kid-foodies, but we also LOVE when parents do a sans-kiddo date night. We’d love to partner for both.

Restaurant Super Partners COMING SOON!

  • Do you have an idea of how you want to partner your restaurant with us? Email us! superpartners@chicagosupersitters.com
Don't see your partner option listed?

Would like to partner with us in a way you don’t see listed? We’d love to know about it: superpartners@chicagosupersitters.com.