We're still here!

and we're so happy to see you again

Holy moly are we excited to show you what we’ve been up to.

We survived the pandemic, we came back swingin’ in 2022, we’ve rebuilt the sitter roster, and we’ve incorporated new technology to make our process even more Super.

To our SuperSitter families that are coming back (last booked before April 2022), please get re-registered in our new system (no fee, no call needed), we’ll move your other-system info over and activate your profile, and you’ll be good to go. Then check out the What’s New page to learn more about all the new stuff.

Let’s get this babysitting party re-started.

Already in new system?

If you have already completed the new profile and are here to place a new request:

*Existing CSSitters Families*

Complete a family profile and place requests in our NEW system!

The new profile will take 10-15mins.