What Does a Great Babysitter Cost?

More than a Donut, Less than a Vacation

Pay only for the coverage you need, and get the quality you want.

Whether you need a regular weekly placement, or an occasional one-off placement, Chicago Super Sitters can accommodate almost any part-time request. Our placement pricing options make it affordable to have the coverage you need, while also staying in budget.

Let’s break it all down, shall we?

FIRST: Registration Fee: $50 (one-time)

Chicago Super Sitters distinguishes itself from other sitter services by taking the time to properly and completely match our sitters with new families. When you’re new to us (even if just visiting!), we take the time get to know you and your children through your profile information, and an intake call with a member of our staff, so we can confidently curate a selection of sitters who fit your needs.

Our one time $50 registration fee isn’t charged until after you speak directly to a CSSitters staff member. This fee must be paid before your first sitter request is confirmed.

We offer two types of placements:

  1. One-time placements: single, stand-alone, and/or short-term requests
  2. Recurring placements: a regular part-time schedule, same sitter, lasting 4 weeks or more

And, There are two payments for every placement.

  1. The placement fee paid to the agency
  2. The sitter hourly paid directly to the sitter (jump to sitter rates)

Placement Fees:

One-time requests/placements:

These rates apply to each separate day a sitter is requested*.
Placement fees are invoiced by CSSitters when placements are confirmed.

7+ Days Notice: $25
3-6 Days Notice: $35
<48hrs Notice: $50
<24hrs Notice: $75
overnight pricing varies and is available upon request

*These rates also apply to families visiting Chicago

Want to bundle your fees? Plan to go out often? Are you a last-minute person? You might want a SuperCard!


Recurring Requests/Placements:

A CSSitters Recurring Placement is defined as: a consistent (same day, time, and sitter), on-going schedule, lasting 4 weeks or more.
Recurring placements are invoiced monthly, starting when the placement does.

Recurring 1 day/week: $50/month
2 days/week: $75/month
3 days/week: $100/month
4 days/week: $125/month
5 days/week: $150/month

These Recurring Placement fees include Super-Sitter-Backup, meaning that if ever your recurring sitter were sick or unable to make it for any of the regularly scheduled hours, we search for a replacement for no extra charge.

Placement Policies:

  • Sitter placement depends on sitter availability and coverage is not guaranteed
  • All placements require a 3 hr minimum compensation
  • Combining families/shares must be pre-approved
  • Cancellation fees apply to all confirmed placements (recurring placements too!)
  • Holidays/special events will have increased placement rates (NYEve, 4th of July, etc.). Dates and rates will be known prior to request confirmation.
  • One-time Placement fees are calculated based on the time the request was submitted
  • Recurring Placement fees are invoiced on the first day of the placement, then monthly thereafter
  • Recurring Placement days are non-transferable (you cannot swap days outside of your regular schedule or replace with a different day). 

Sitter hourly rates & additionals – paid directly to your sitter

Rates for sitters depend on how many children will be cared for, any additional services/experience required, and what kind of placement you’ve booked. Rates and variables are listed below and are subject to change at the discretion of the agency based on changing family needs or placement requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Rates are for EVERY hour and due at the end of the placement.

Minimum Base rate (one-time placements):

Rates increased on 2/14/22 (new rates)

1 Child – $20/hour
2 Children – $21/hour
3 Children – $22/hour 
4 Children – $23/hour
5+ Children – TBD(5 or more children may require a second sitter: contact us to arrange)

RECURRING Placements:

Base rate +$2/hour

1 Child – $22/hour
2 Children – $23/hour
3 Children – $24/hour
4 Children – $25/hour
5+ Children – TBD (5 or more children may require a second sitter: contact us to arrange


Additions to Hourly Rate:

  • Infant (under 6mos): +$1/hour
  • Two under 2: +$1/hour
  • Sitter in Hotel Room/AirBnB/etc: +$1/hr
  • Sitter working somewhere other than the family home: +$1/hr
  • Combined Families (two or more): +$2/hr for each extra child from family #2, 3, etc.

Possible Extras:

  • Gas/Travel stipend: $TBD, based on location (will be known prior to booking)
  • Special Skills Required (Language, special training):  $TBD – depending on request.
  • Overnight Care: Rates vary (contact us HERE to inquire)

Hourly Rate Policies:

  • Sitter hourly is always paid directly to your sitter and does not pass through CSSitters at any time.
  • Rates are per hour, in half-hour increments, for in-home requests
  • All placements require a 3 hr minimum compensation
  • Some holidays/special events will have increased hourly rates (NYEve, 4th of July, etc.). Dates and rates will be known prior to request confirmation.

What if I need to cancel a placement?

Cancellation Policy: Your placement is considered confirmed once we send your placement confirmation email with a sitter assigned. If a placement is cancelled after it has been confirmed, a cancellation fee is due.

Cancellation Fees:

  • With more than 48 hours notice from the placement start time: a minimum $25 cancellation fee is due to your sitter (paid directly). Your Placement Fee, SuperCard credits, or single booking fee will be will be credited to your account for future use.
  • With less than 48 hours notice: a minimum $50 cancellation fee is due to your sitter (paid directly). Your Placement Fee will be retained as charged.

If you want to cancel a placement:  Please log back into the website and complete the cancellation form. Once we receive that form we will send your sitter’s payment information.

These fees apply to ALL placements booked with CSSitters (including for sickness, family emergencies, etc.).

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