A Super Sitter You and Your Kids Will Love


We do the work & you get a Super Sitter!

Chicago Super Sitters provides experienced, trustworthy, and dependable babysitters for different needs and different schedules. We vet every one of our sitters to ensure our roster is the best of the best. All of our sitters have been interviewed, checked, and checked again! We really do all the work! 

Even if just for a one-time request, each sitter is personally matched to your family’s needs by a real person at Chicago Super Sitters and not just a machine or algorithm. 

What makes us Super?

  • We search all the profiles.
  • We do all the interviews.
  • We check all the references.
  • We do all the text/phone tag.
  • We do all the work for you!

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1. Register & Complete the family profile.

Registering is easy, free, and gets the process started.

This is where you share the first important information we need to match you to your perfect sitter. Gush about your family and tell us what makes you awesome. Include the stuff that’s not so awesome too — that info is just as important. You’ll finish this before we talk on the phone. Please know that you must complete this profile in order to get access to the Request form.

2.  Schedule the call and pay the registration fee.

After you complete your family profile, you will get an email with a link to schedule a call with our team. When you select your call time from the booking calendar, you will pay the $50 registration fee in order to confirm this call. Registration fee is the same no matter the length of the call so book the time you need! 

3. We chat!

This is one of the most important parts of our process and is required of all new CSSitters families. On a call we will go over your profile info, ask about some family specifics, and gather the information we need to match you with your perfect sitter. We also make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed, and you are comfortable moving forward. You will schedule this call after we receive your completed family profile.

4. Activation.

After the call we will complete your profile, make sure the details are all there, and get you ready to book some Super Sitters! We will activate your portal and you can login and THEN you can start submitting requests. This portal activation is AFTER your intake call so schedule that ASAP, even if you don’t need a sitter yet! Make sure you are ready!

5. Request a sitter & relax – we’ve got you covered!

Now you can login anytime and request a sitter! Remember, the more in advance you make your requests, the more affordable it is. Don’t worry; if it’s last minute, we can handle that too. We’ll match you to a Super Sitter and send you all of the details when the placement is confirmed.

Hot Tip:  What to know about how the sitters are screened?  Check out more about their process on the For Sitters page.

Become a Super Family!

Registered Families

We believe that there should be a human connection when looking for childcare.

Our Values: Inclusion, diversity, support for families and sitters, trust, and equality. 

Policies and FAQs

What does my Placement Fee Provide?
We do all of the work! You will be provided with a pre-interviewed, screened, and thoroughly vetted individual that we can assure you is fully qualified to care for your children. This includes federal and state criminal background searches and thorough reference checks. As well as getting you a great sitter, your placement fee gets you peace of mind.

Registration Fee is due for all new clients, when you book a call with a CSSitters staff member. CSSitters Placement fees are based on the amount of notice provided prior to your request. These range from $25-$100 and are billed upon confirmation of sitter placement. Recurring fees are separate and billed monthly. Registration and Placement fees must be paid prior to request to guarantee confirmation.

Cancellation Fees are due if a placement has already been confirmed and details have been sent. Cancellation Fees apply to recurring placements as well as individual, and apply even if a request is scheduled for a different day.

For more information, see our Fees page.

Am I guaranteed a sitter when I submit a request?
We strongly encourage you to give Chicago Super Sitters as much notice as possible when requesting a sitter. However, we do have a large number of qualified sitters that have flexible availability, and we are rarely unable to fill a request.
Will I be able to get the same sitter every time?
If you have received a sitter from CSS that your family absolutely loves, we will do our best to place them with you again. However, schedules change and conflicts arise so we will not be able to guarantee your first choice sitter every time. The earlier you place your request, the better chance you have of getting your favorite sitter.
How do you find sitters?
Many of our sitters are found through word of mouth. We rely heavily on recommendations from others – parents, friends of parents, and other sitters. We also look in very specific places when advertising for new sitters so we are sure we are getting the best of the best.
Cancellation Policy.

Your placement is confirmed when you receive your sitter’s details. Cancellation fees apply for all placement cancellations, even for sickness or circumstances out of your control. 

Read about our Cancellation and Fees Policies here.

Nanny Cams?
With the new fancy technology in our world, nanny cams now come in all different forms.  Security system cameras, baby monitors, programs on phones, and the tried and true hidden “teddy bear eye” camera. These cameras can be a great tool to know what is going on in your home with your kiddos when you aren’t there. Chicago Super Sitters asks that you please tell your sitter if and when recording devices are in use. We firmly believe that these tools are best used as a method of prevention. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We want your feedback — good or not so good! Something didn’t go as you’d hoped? Email us at feedback@chicagosupersitters.com to let us know what happened and we will do our best to make it right.

Do I submit a request every time or can I just contact my favorite sitter directly?
Our system is based on trust. If you attempt to circumvent the CSSitters booking system by contacting a sitter directly, we will no longer place sitters in your home. We will always try to confirm your favorite sitters and can let you know prior to confirming if he/she is available, but always let us know instead of reaching out to the sitters directly.
Why do sitters stay with CSS?
We love and appreciate our sitters and make sure they know it. We are very aware that our business cannot succeed without amazing people. We have high expectations, but we are clear about them. We make sure they feel equipped to do their best job, knowing they are respected and appreciated. They know we have their backs.