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Tell us about the kids!

Share your kiddo(s) info below! Please add a profile for each of the kids in your family even if not all are being cared for during your placements. We use this info to help match you to a Super Sitter so please be thorough!

Your Children

BodieJan 30 2019Dairy, NutsHe has an epi pen but has never needed to use it. Occasionally gets hives after eating and we use Benadryl if he seems uncomfortable.Edit
CassiusFeb 23 2020NoneEdit
LangstonSep 2 2020NoneEdit
HenryDec 26 2013NoneEdit
John DanielApr 17 2018NoneJohn has light eczema and some extremely sensitive skin. We just try to use products (soaps/detergents/lotions) without fragrance or dye.Edit
Ava BeanFeb 10 2016NonenaEdit
PrinaJul 18 2004MedicationsAllergic to amoxicillinEdit
AriaMay 17 2018NoneEdit
AliviaJun 16 2016NoneEdit
CassieDec 30 2019NoneAcid RefluxEdit

Please remember to keep this info updated as the kids grow and change. We want to be sure we are up to date on the kids likes and quirks to make sure we are sending the best sitters for your crew!