Today is International Women’s Day! Woohoo!!

Days such as this provide the perfect opportunity to get kids excited and interested in the incredible mark women have made on history. And by kids, I mean all kids. Every child, regardless of gender, benefits from learning more about the ways women are changing and have changed the world. Too often activities on days like International Women’s Day are only geared toward those who present to the world as female. But sharing the stories of women’s accomplishments with all children helps kiddos see that people across gender identities make a lasting mark on our world, and that they can too.

We’ve listed some resources below to help with these discussions. They’re a great jumping off point for exploring women’s history and the ways women are currently kicking all the ass!


The International Women’s Day school resource page is a great place to access downloadable pages that you can use to help children learn about and explore advancements spurned by women. Click here to peruse this collection of materials.

Educational Resources
For those interested in more formalized instruction, the National Education Association posted this list of resources. These resources are primarily for use in a classroom setting, but there are activities here that could be fun and engaging for any adult interested in exploring women’s history with the children in their life.

Picture book biographies are one amazing way to introduce children to the accomplishments of women. In fact, there are so many amazing picture book biographies out there, we found not one, but two incredible lists that split up books by area of interest (arts, sciences, etc.).

Mighty Girl also shared a list of newer books celebrating real women and their accomplishments. This list starts with picture books for children as young as 5 and under, and goes all the way up to books for teen readers (the designations for each can be found in the top right corner).

Finally, this article from Read Brightly has fun book and activity pairings. For example, read a picture book about Frida Kahlo, then visit a Latino art museum or gallery.


And don’t forget that March is Women’s History Month! Rather than spending one day focusing on the accomplishments of women, take some time throughout the month (or year round!) to explore the activities listed above.