Chicago Super Sitters & CV19

How it Works and How We're Keeping it Safe

Childcare help is essential, now more than ever.

We are accepting new families, hiring new sitters, and placing our Super Sitters safely.

We are taking this COVID-19 situation very seriously and recognize that everyone needs to feel an extra level of security when inviting someone into their home or when going to work in someone else’s home.

As we navigate these extraordinary times, we are taking extra steps to verify everyone’s quarantine practices, we are tailoring our service offerings to meet current needs, and we are closely monitoring the safety recommendations from the CDC and our local government.

CV19 & CSSitters – Safety Specifics (Phase 3):

  • All Families complete a ‘Quarantine/Exposure’ questionnaire
  • All Sitters complete a ‘Quarantine/Exposure’ questionnaire
  • All Q/E info is swapped for approval on both sides for Recurring Placements
  • Sitters are working Recurring OR One-Time placements – not both
  • Sitters are not riding the CTA 
  • CSSitters is maintaining our thorough vetting of all families and sitters prior to any match/placement

Phase 3 in more detail (starting 5/29/20):

Recurring placements are still in block schedules of 2/3/5 days but we are able to be more flexible with timing based on sitter availability.

We are bringing back the well-loved one-time placements. Sitters are working EITHER recurring placement(s) OR one-time gigs ONLY during P3. The request form on the website will be updated starting 5/29, allowing families to request one-time sitters.

Our ‘Quarantine/Exposure Practices’ form is still mandatory of all sitters and families prior to confirmation.  
Families/sitters doing Recurring Placements will still have this info shared PRIOR to confirming and will have the chance to accept or pass on the match prior to confirmation.
Families/sitters doing One-time Placements will not have pre-approval of Q/E Practices but will have this information included in their confirmation blurb.  CSSitters will still be monitoring the Q/E practices internally.

We still do not suggest Sitters use CTA getting to and from gigs during Phase 3. If you are willing/able to pick up/drop off your sitter please indicate this on your request form. Though not all sitters are comfortable in rideshares yet, if you are willing to cover the rides to and/or from, please include this as well. 

CSSitters – What’s the Same & What’s Different: 


  • Our exceptional attention to detail, our commitment to clear communication, and our understanding that childcare has ALWAYS been essential.
  • All of our sitters are still interviewed three different times, reference checked, background checked, and fully vetted before being accepted onto the roster. We will not compromise this process, even in extraordinary times.
  • All new families speak to a CSSitters team member to complete a full family intake and get all questions answered to be sure everyone is comfortable moving forward.

  • CSSitters staff still matches all families and sitters based on more than just availability. We want sitters and families to be a super match, especially right now.

Different & Extras for phase 3:

  • All families and sitters must complete a detailed Exposure Questionnaire prior to placement. This link will be shared with parents when a request is received and with sitters when they are being considered for a placement.
  • Recurring placements: Sitter/Family info is swapped to be sure everyone is comfortable before any Recurring placement is confirmed.
  • One-time placements: Exposure questionnaire is required of all families and sitters, but this info is shared with blurbs and not prior to confirmation. 
  • Recurring placements are still being done in block schedules (more info HERE) but we will open up to some more flexiblity with timing, etc. 
  • For a few more smaller changes that only affect some of our families/sitters, please check out the new CV19 FAQ Page.

We know things are different, and different can be a lot to handle. We are here to help, here to simplify, and here to support you during this bizarre time. 

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Lots has changed. Good news: our values have not.

Our Values: Inclusion, diversity, support for families and sitters, trust, and equality.