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Yes, You Can Still Have a Date Night.

We do the work & you get a hotel babysitter!

You deserve the best sitters, even when you are visiting Chicago and away from home! Chicago Super Sitters provides experienced, trustworthy, and dependable babysitters at hotels, home shares, or temporary housing. We have taken the time to thoroughly vet our sitters to ensure you are getting the best of the best. All of our sitters have been interviewed, checked, and checked again! We really do all the work.

Best of all, each sitter will be personally matched to your family’s needs by a real person at Chicago Super Sitters and not by some machine or algorithm.

Are you a concierge or host looking to support guests in your hotel or rental? Check here.

What makes us Super?

  • No profiles to search.
  • No endless interviews.
  • No reference calls.
  • No phone tag.
  • We do all the work for you!

How it Works

  1. Complete the Family Registration Form
  2. Log in to complete the Family Profile
  3. Request a sitter!
  4. Do a call with our team
  5. Let us handle the rest!

You can specify your hotel/home rental information on the request form.

Hotel/Home Rental Placement Rates:

Registration Fee: $50

We don’t cut any corners, even if you are only in Chicago for one night so the same Registration Fee and Placement fees apply as with our local families.

Placement fee due for each day requested:

14+ days– $25
7-13 days– $35
3-6 days– $50
<48hrs– $75
<24hrs– $100 

Hotel Sitter hourly rates:

Rates for sitters depend on how many children will be cared for and any additional services/experience required. Rates are subject to change based on placement requirements, hotel accommodations, or family needs. This rate will be known prior to confirmation. 

PLEASE NOTE: Rates are for EVERY hour and due at the end of the placement.

1 Child – $21/hour
2 Children – $22/hour
3 Children – $23/hour
4 Children – $25/hour
5+ Children – TBD(5 or more children may require a second sitter: contact us to arrange)


Additions to Hourly Rate:

  • Infant (under 6mos): +$1/hour
  • Two under 2: +$1/hour
  • Combined Families (two or more): +$2/hr for each extra child from family #2, 3, etc.

Possible Extras:

  • Gas/Travel stipend: $TBD, based on location (will be known prior to booking)
  • Parking reimbursement if needed/required – $TBD
  • Special Skills Required (Language, special training):  $TBD – depending on request.
  • Overnight Care: Rates vary (contact us HERE to inquire)



Hotel Specific Policies

  • Placement fee is paid to the agency, hourly rate is paid to the sitter. See the Pricing page for more details.
  • Family must provide sitter with hotel key or door code prior to leaving the premises.
  • Family must inform hotel front desk or rental host of sitter’s presence (for emergency purposes).
  • For general agency policies and FAQs click here.

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