We Know This is A Big Deal.

And We Know What We're Doing.

The following story is a true one, known all too well by parents all over the world.

The phone rang. It was the babysitter that she booked weeks ago for her dinner tonight. The sitter cancelled with a really flimsy excuse. She continued to do the thousand things she was already doing (because she is a parent and couldn’t just stop doing things) and also added “calling every babysitter stored in her phone to see if she could pull off a miracle,” to her list. Everyone was booked or they didn’t call back.

She called neighbors, bribed friends, debated if her 4 and 6 year old could cook their own dinner and get themselves to bed, tried to reschedule dinner… And then she cancelled her dinner plans. And stayed home. 

In May 2010, Tori got six of these “every babysitter stored in your phone” calls in one night. But she was already working and couldn’t help. She knew there had to be a better way.

That evening, Chicago Super Sitters was born.

We Believe

  • Parenting is tough and everyone deserves a break.

  • Love matters.

  • There should be a human connection when looking for childcare.

We Value

  • Inclusion

  • Diversity

  • Equality

  • Trust

  • Support

About Tori, Founder of Chicago Super Sitters

Tori Ulrich is the original Super Sitter and founder of Chicago Super Sitters.

After a career in childcare and moving to Chicago in 2005, she became a sitter and nanny for several families. It was while working with these families that Chicago Super Sitters became a reality.

Tori spent her teenage years in foster care and has seen first hand how love and personalized care can make all the difference for a child. She has dedicated her life to making sure parents feel heard, respected, and safe, and that childcare providers feel the same. Because at the end of the day, it’s the children whose lives are impacted the most.

Tori has worked with hundreds of families in Chicagoland and is a leader for sitters and a comfort for families. Through her dedicated work in the community she has recognized what an ever-growing need there is for a service like Chicago Super Sitters, and continues to expand services and add options to make it easy and safe for everyone.

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