Kids communicate in very different ways when they are still without all of their words. They feel so much love and don’t often know how to tell you!  So, we surveyed the scene and determined the following list to be the ways that littles are trying to say I LOVE YOU, but get a bit misunderstood.

  1. They wake up in the middle of the night, 239 times, just because they want to see your beautiful face.
  2. They wipe their nose on your shoulder as you walk out the door so you can carry them with you ALL DAY.
  3. They have a poop-splosion at Target so you get one-on-one time together in a public bathroom. If they REALLY love you, they might fling poo at a stranger to help you make a new friend.
  4. They dump their dinner off the side of the high chair because they want the dog to know how well you cook.
  5. They sneeze in your mouth so you get the same sickness at the same time.
  6. They grab your face with their chubby little baby hands and squeeze until it leaves a mark.
  7. They don’t nap because they have serious FOMO on time with you.

Next time you are having a moment where it all seems like too much, and when you think you will never sleep again, try and hear an ‘I love you’.  It might be reaaaaallllllyyy faint, and it might be behind a blood curdling scream, but close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just try and hear it.